Purchase Process

Please read - if you have any questions contact us


The processes below are steps required to purchase an Eagle Creek puppy.

1) Review our Policies. Under our Policies page, you will find information on deposits, pricing, health, adoption, registration papers and other information. It is important that you read and understand the Eagle Creek Aussies policies and what you will be required to do as a new puppy owner. If you have any questions, please contact us before you send in your application. We want you to know as much about the puppies and the process of adoption to make an informed decision to purchase a puppy. Our receipt of your application will serve as your acknowledgement that you have read the policies. 


2) Application. The application is intended to gather some basic information about you, your living situation and the type of Aussie that you are looking to add to your family. This information helps us make the best match possible for your situation. Please be sure to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible and contact us if you have any questions.


3) Interview and Approval. We want to get to know all prospective owners to ensure that puppies are going to the right homes. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you for a brief interview. Assuming that we are comfortable that our puppy will be going to a loving home that is ready to take on the responsibilities of a new puppy, your application will be approved.

5) Puppy Selection. We always do our best to match prospective owners with puppies of their desired gender and color, however, Eagle Creek Aussies also makes matches based on temperament and aptitude.  Ensuring that the temperament and aptitude suits the needs of the household and the objectives of the owner is a very important step in the process, therefore, Eagle Creek Aussies will make the selection with you.


4) Reserving Your Puppy. Once the selection is made, you will have 5 days to submit a non-refundable deposit. Payments can be made through PayPal or Credit Card. If your deposit is not received within 5 days, the puppy will be made available to other prospective owners. After your selection you need to add to the shopping cart.  Once you add to the shopping cart with your deposit you need to click on the shopping cart, upper right corner of the page.  This allows you to check out and send the deposit.

5) Signed Purchase Agreement. Please click the link below to review the Purchase Agreement. A completed and signed Purchase Agreement must be received by Eagle Creek Aussies prior to Puppy Pick Up Day.

6) Payment of the Remaining Balance. Full payment must be made when the puppy is picked up and or delivered as agreed upon between seller and buyer, which may include my air fare or my travel expenses.     If the puppy is over 8 weeks old, the remaining balance must be paid within a week of submitting the deposit or at pickup time.  Should full payment not be made on the day of pick up, the puppy will become available to other prospective owners.  When purchasing an older dog, full payment will be required at the time a purchase agreement is made.

7) Puppy Pick Up Day. After we have received your full payment and signed Purchase Agreement, we will work with you to make pick up or delivery arrangements for a date after the puppy has reached 8 weeks of age.

8) Boarding. If your puppy cannot be picked up or delivered by 9 weeks of age or, for older puppies/dogs, within one week of receiving the signed Purchase Agreement and full payment, your puppy/dog will be boarded at a rate of $10.00 per day, unless we are the cause of the delay. Boarding will include feeding, socialization and play-time. The owner will be responsible for any additional fees, such as vaccinations based on our vaccination schedule (see our Policies) or any other necessary veterinary expenses incurred while the puppy/dog is boarded.