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Where are you located?

We are in Capitan NM., located in the Central Southeast portion of the state.


Do Mini Aussies make good family dogs?

Absolutely! Miniature Aussies are extremely intelligent and because of their nature, become incredibly devoted of their humans. Miniature Aussies, again because of their nature, need to be involved with their human and families. They are gentle with children and other pets. Miniature Aussies are anxious to have a job and to learn. They are readily trained. Australina Shepherds have a strong working dog ancestry and history.  Mini Aussies need obedience training. They are best served with humans and families who provide exercise and allow the dog to participate in family activities. The standard for the Aussie is clear in its statement that the dog is of strong herding, and guardian instincts. They are reserved in temperament. Even though Mini Aussies lean to be very loyal to their humans, they should not be expected to be outgoing with strangers. Of utmost importance to the Mini Aussie is socialization. 

Are you willing to ship a puppy?

Yes and no. There is no absolute answer here. Please inquire privately for further information on shipping. We may even be headed your direction sometime soon and are always willing to travel within reason to deliver a puppy.

How much exercise do they need?

The miniature variety of the Australian Shepherd require moderate amounts of exercise. Even though the mini Aussies is energetic, it’s size enables it to reach it’s exercise needs somewhat more quickly than larger dogs of similar exercise needs. As a general rule Miniature Aussies are relaxed inside the home with their humans. The Mini can be excellent at vigorous activities such as agility course runs, fetch, flying disk, fetch, hide and seek, jogging, hiking, and etc. Not only are outside activities great for the Mini Aussie, indoor games are a good source of mental stimulation that also serve to prevent boredom in the dog. Boredom can lead to excessive barking, and destructive behavior.

Do they shed much? How much grooming is required?

The Miniature Aussie has a moderately thick double coat. Twice a year the undercoat is sheds and shedding between these periods is moderate. Naturally the degree of shedding can vary with each dog. Placing your dog on a nutritionally sound diet can lead to a decrease in shedding. Regular brushing once or twice a week will help minimize shedding and also keep its coat and skin healthy. The mini Aussies coat is not of such length that it requires daily attention. It is recommended that the Aussie’s coat not be shaved. Shaving can result in over heating as their double coat acts to regulate their temperature. Brushing and limited trimming around their ears and bottom is all that should be needed. 

How big will a Mini Australian Shepherd puppy grow to be?

By the standard for Miniature Australian Shepherd dogs, they should fall in the range for height between 14 to 18 inches and between 25 to 45 pounds. Occasionally dogs will mature over or under hat size. A min is a standard Australian Shepherd that has been bred down to a smaller size. Dogs under 14 inches at nine months of age are considered Toy Australian Shepherds. Any dog over 18 inches at nine months of age is considered a standard Australian Shepherd. Naturally a litter can produce all three size varieties, but one can expect consistency in size and weight of a mature dog.

If I want to purchase a puppy, how much is a deposit?

The price of the deposit is $300, unless otherwise specified, and is non-refundable. 

Do you take PayPal and/or Credit Cards? 

Absolutely, PayPal and all major credit cards with a 3% processing fee are accepted. Please go under PUPPIES tab which will guide you to purchase buttons. 


What is included with my puppy?

Your puppy will be current on all vaccinations, deworming, tail docked and dew claws removed. Your puppy will also be vet checked before it leaves our home. We will also include something from home to go with the puppy to help with the transition to your home. A piece of blanket or a stuffed toy that smells like it’s mom and litter mates will accompany your puppy. 

Do you do health testing on your dogs? 

Absolutely! Our dogs are DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics, eye care specialists, and have hips and elbows x-rayed and recorded with OFA. All adult dog health testing results and pedigrees can be found by clicking on the link under each dog on their individual Adults page.

Do you allow visitors to come to your home to pick out a puppy?

NO! Our puppies will be temperament tested and matched with you to best suit your needs and interests. Pictures of your puppy will be available on line for you to see.  We must be very careful about who and what comes through our door because our puppies and our property could be at risk.  Please forgive me for taking precautionary steps to insure the health and safety of our puppies.

Should something come up and I am no longer able to keep my puppy, will you take it back? 

If your living arrangements or other issues arise that prevents you from keeping your puppy yes, absolutely we will take your puppy. We actually stipulate in our contract that if you can no longer keep your puppy or dog, even at a mature of age, we want the dog to come back to us. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in shelters, dog pounds, or move from home to home to home. 

Where do you raise your puppies?

Our dogs are raised on our property and in our home. Litters are whelped indoors with access to a larger outdoor area. Each litter is closely watched and we are involved with every delivery. Eagle Creek Aussies will be exposed to our resident older dog, horses, cats, small children, a variety of noises and car rides. Close watch and involvement with puppies gives us an opportunity to better match a puppy with your needs and interests. 

What registry do you use?

All Eagle Creek Aussies are registered with Miniature Australian Shepherd Club or America (MASCA) as well as the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR). Under no circumstance are our dogs to be registered as Miniature American Shepherds. Doing so would be a violation of your contract and changes the breed name.

Do you provide a health guarantee on your puppies? ​

Absolutely yes, there is a health guarantee on our puppies. All good breeders should guarantee their puppies. Eagle Creek Aussies offers a 72 hour money back health guarantee 35 month money back guarantee of puppies to be free of any genetic defect such as deafness, hip dysplasia, or genetic defect. Should such a problem arise, each situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. *Because of the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions a puppy comes in contact with; and the fact that not all puppies have immune systems well in place early on, terms of this guarantee will not be honored unless puppies are given NuVet Plus® immune system builder. Puppies should be fed NuVet Plus for the entire guarantee period. The guarantee would be void should the puppy no be fed the above named immune system builder. 

What type of dog food do you feed?

Eagle Creek Aussies will be weaned to Purina Puppy food. Purina Pro Plan is a very good food as well. Depending on the growth and development of a puppy or puppies a food choice may be changed. Lamb and rice is a good choice for puppies. It is best to avoid dog food made from grain.