The purchase of an Eagle Creek Aussie will get you a free dinner for one person at OSO Grill when you pick up your puppy.  OSO Grill is NM State fair peoples choice 2 years in a row and judges award for best green chili cheeseburger in the state. 

Franklin Veterinary clinic



Franklin Veterinary Clinic has provided all medical services for my horses for many years.  They now  are caring for my Eagle Creek Aussies. The Doctors, vet techs, and office personnel are all outstanding individuals.  They care with compassion for all animals who visit the clinic. They are proactive in the medical decision and procedures.  They simply are the best at the services they provide.

ALLEN,COBB & Dr.Warren Franklin Horse breeders


Located in Capitan NM some of the finest Quarter horses and Thoroughbred horses in the southwest. Contact Pam Allen at for more information.  Also see our video0, video1.

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Words cannot express my gratitude to the Webmaster for all his time and very hard work in putting this website together.   A big thank you goes out to Alaina Segovia for all her wonderful suggestions and the time she took to organize the content of this site.  Thank you also goes out to my long term friend, Sherry Gowen for the photos included on the pages of this site.  Appreciate everything the three of you have done on behalf of Eagle Creek Aussies.