Eagle Creek Aussie Policies Australian shepherd





Effective March 5, 2019

Deposits and Setting of Prices

  • A deposit of $250 is non-refundable under any circumstances, however, it can be transferred to a different puppy
  • Puppies will not be held without a deposit for any reason
  • Pricing is determined based on coat color, eye color, show quality, therefore, pricing will be set upon their eyes opening
  • Should breeding rights be granted, the pricing will be set at that time


  • Tails will be docked and dewclaws will be removed within 2 days of birth
  • Eagle Creek Aussies will have the following vaccinations administered:

                  - 6 weeks: De-wormed and DAPPC

  • Owners will be responsible for having the following vaccinations administered:

                 - 10 Weeks: De-worm, DHLPPC and Lyme Vaccine (optional) 

                 - 14 Weeks: Rabies, DHLPPC, Bordetella and Lyme Vaccine Booster (optional)  
                - 18 Weeks: DHLPPC and Rattlesnake Vaccine (optional)

                 - 22 Weeks: Rattlesnake Vaccine Booster (optional)

  • In the event that the puppies are adopted after 8 weeks old, Eagle Creek Aussies will continue following the above vaccination schedule
  • Owners will also be responsible for ongoing hearworm prevention.  We recommend Interceptor Plus
  • Mothers are given NuVet Plus® Immune System Builder before and during pregnancy, as well as the entire time they are nursing
  • Puppies are started on NuVet Plus® once they are weaned and must be kept on it for at least 90 days in order to cover the immunity gap between weaning and developing their own immune system
  • Puppies must be spayed or neutered between the ages of 6 – 8 months old and the vet receipt must be provided to Eagle Creek Aussies as proof of meeting this obligation, unless other arrangements have been made. If this obligation is not met, Eagle Creek Aussies has the right to take possession of the puppy    
  • All Eagle Creek Aussies have health guarantee against genetic disorders and conditions through 1 year of age, which includes:

                 - Diseases and conditions tested by Paw Prints Genetics

                 - Clear Eyes

                 - Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

  • The genetic health guarantee can be extended to 3 years of age by placing a puppy on NuVet Plus K-9. A code for enrollment will be given to you at the time of adoption
  • In the event a genetic situation arises, the following steps must followed to receive a refund or exchange:

                 - A vet check must be completed by two different veterinarians to provide proof of claim

                   and/or verify the health of the pup being refunded/exchanged

                 - All shipping expenses are paid by the buyer


  • Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before leaving for their new homes
  • Visitors are not accepted to the whelping and puppy facilities as a safeguard against outside disease and for the security of the property
  • Delivery within New Mexico and shipping to other states is available and can be discussed at the time of purchase 

Registration Papers

  • All adult Eagle Creek Aussies are registered with MASCA
  • All litters are eligible to be MASCA registered
  • Registration applications will be provided after the puppies have been spayed or neutered
  • The completion of the registration application and associated fees are the responsibility buyer


  • Once puppies have completed their puppy vaccinations, owners must enroll the puppy in a live or virtual puppy obedience course. A certificate of completion or receipt should be provided to Eagle Creek  Aussies
  • Should the owner no longer be able to care for the puppy, for any reason, the puppy must be returned to Eagle Creek Aussies and no refund will be issued
  • Eagle Creek Aussies reserve the right of first refusal in any case of re-homing an Eagle Creek Aussie